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I am a professional dog behavioural specialist and obedience trainer with over thirty years of experience. 

I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in working with dogs and their owners and I am now a canine behaviour practitioner consulting on problem dogs throughout Scotland.

I am passionate about dogs and working on their training for integration into todays society. sounds a bit daft but i love dogs……..

I am a professional dog behaviourist and probably one of the few dog behaviorist / trainers - veterinary recommended and recognised by the pet insurance companies. However, you don’t need to use pet insurance to work with me.

My methods and years of experience have shown that over 98% of all my clients usually only need one behavioural consultation and training session. Because I don’t leave you high and dry!

If you're in need of a highly experience dog behaviour specialist and trainer, you're in the right place. Call Dog Sense free today on 0800 023 6045, or alternatively, please click here to make an online enquiry with me today.

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I work with all breeds and deal with all types of behavioural and training problems. I have experience working with individual dogs and many thousand dog owners for over 30 years and over 1377 dogs.

There are no short cuts to experience and knowledge!

Lifetime Access

All my clients have access to me either by phone or email for the rest of the dog's life. That includes any problems that may arise later in life.

That problem may have nothing to do with the original problem I was called to work with. It does not mean I come to see you. It means I will either verbally or by email, offer and send you a solution.


For customer convenience we are now taking credit card payments. You can pay over the phone or ask for our BAC’s details during our initial call.

All fees must be paid within 5 days from invoice issue date.

If costs are covered by Insurance this extends to 14 days from invoice issue date.

Some Of The Good Things People Are Saying:

" Fantastic experience with Andy today. Our first session and already my overanxious Jack Russell is 100%, and you gave me simple strategies for all of my dog’s issues and was able to answer every question that I had. I am now confident that I know exactly what to do when she is not cooperating. She seems so much happier… I cannot recommend Andy enough."

Jennifer (Burntisland)

" Brain here Andy from Auchtertool, you came to see Max. I have to say mate I am amazed with your teachings Max almost overnight has become a different dog. Its only been 48 hours and Val and i have stuck to what you said last night i walked him up village as you did with lead around shoulder and very little contact... its not Max you sorted out it was us. Great stuff ...."

Val and Brian (Auchtertool)