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My name is Andrew and I am a professional dog behavioural specialist and obedience trainer with over twenty five years of experience. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in working with dogs and their owners and I am now a canine behaviour practitioner consulting on problem dogs throughout Scotland.

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What is the difference between Dog Training / Obedience
classes, and a Behavioural Consultation?

Obedience classes typically cost around £50 for an 8 week period, based on one hourly session a week. Within this class there might be an average of 15 dogs in attendance, meaning that with travel costs considered, the Trainer would make around £70/hour from the session.

Behaviour Consultations, depending on the area and the individual Behaviourist's charges, can cost anywhere between £60-£250 for the initial session, lasting between 45 minutes to 2 hours based on the severity of the dog's problem. This fee may seem expensive, but with this service comes so much more than a standardised class methodology.

Sessions are tailored to your dog's individual needs and would include support material provided by the Behaviourist, after-care telephone support if needed, and a wealth of knowledge and experience on hand which is far superior to that of an Obedience trainer.

Taking an average fee of £100/1.5 hour session with a Behaviour Consultant and factoring in the time spent for client support, travel costs and the research which goes into each individual case, the reality is that the Behaviourist probably makes less money per hour (around £30 based on this example) than an Obedience Trainer, whilst providing a far richer service.

Please be aware that Dog Sense are also able to provide dog behavioural training international as well as in the UK.

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