Dog Training

Since dogs started on their journey with humans dog training has been around in some form or another.

However, it is only in the last hundred years or so that we have developed structured training programs, the most prominent being that outlined in Colonel Konrad Most's manual "Training Dogs", published in 1910.

Many of the methods used in these early training programs are still in existence today and some dogs and owners have used them to successfully train, but, there are just as many more dogs and owners that fail to adapt to these methods. In recent years, enlightened dog trainers have turned away from the physical and harsh training methods, and are adopting a more humane and fairer approach to training dogs. These methods more commonly grouped together as positive reinforcement training that relies upon scientifically proven, psychological processes of "how animals actually learn".

Dogs can and have been trained for many roles within our society. One suggestion is that some behavioural issues have created by the fact that we no longer provide our dogs with a job. Training your dog to even the most basic level can fulfil that requirement. Contrary to popular dogs do not want to dominate us but if there are no leadership or rules then they will become stressed and this stress can lead to the dog developing behavioural issues. When training your dog symptoms like aggression, separation anxiety can be dealt with using basic/advances training methods, ideally one to one for puppies and adult dogs.

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Things To Know

Dos sense

Dog-training disciplines such as drug and cash dog work and police work, demonstrate the levels of control and obedience that one can achieve through training and how malleable dogs can be.

Most members of the General Public do not require their dog achieve such a level of training. Although in the past, I have been asked if I could use my skills to train the family pet to find cash. The basic training arenas of call for the dog to sit when told to; return to them when called for when on a walk and not to jump up at visitors.

This really is the minimum standard that all dog owners should gain. That said dog training in any form is not easy. It relies upon you as the owner, building a balanced relationship with your dog and through effective communication teaching the dog what you wish for it to learn.

The rapport that you build with your dog by being an effective, fair leader is a vital ingredient in building a mutual understanding and trust to gain the owner/dog relationship that only training (or communication) provides.

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